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1. What is the website http://japanautomoto.ro?

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  • Http://japanautomoto.ro website is a free lancer type activity devoted exclusively addicts Japanese cars and engines. So it is a non-profit association made ​​up of passion. Meanwhile japanautomoto.ro website appears in advetising self as a natural response to the trend of recent years in the automotive market, especially in countries with a tradition that makes Japanese automotive proved by far the best. The same trend will inevitably include small countries as resulting from business development plans published by big companies. Who will not realize this inevitable reality, that is Japanese competitor fatal car for any other car in the world in the next 20 years there will be no car world. After the U.S. (which we realize what it meant in terms of motoring, however we did not understand) that lost the final competition will follow large automobile EU countries: UK, Germany, France and the rest will not count in this game. So you can not only have confidence in this project, which is backed by decades of studies of the most elaborate.


  • Http://japanautomoto.ro website is aimed exclusively Japanese car and motorcycle enthusiasts, including mopeds, ATVs, Quads and all that means land vehicles carrying the best brands in the world. The website is a useful tool for both sellers can only be of two types: dealers (fleet owners) or owner (private) car or motorcycle owners and buyers who are just looking at a pleasant and civilized. The middlemen have nowhere to declare the quality since I set this category to the button. The website addresses of purchasers of Japanese vehicles more or less known. In reality we are 100 % ignorant listed almost impossible due to the variety of models, so there is no question of such a learned encyclopedia. Another drawback in knowing Japanese car it's infinite reliability over any other man-made thing. Thus, some wear and defects known in detail from regular cars, the Japanese car, if we're lucky , maybe to find someone in the world who have traveled to parts ever. For this purpose, we created http://forum.japanautomot.ro forum that area of ​​the website, lately it is secure anti spam, so after registering, you will need my confirmation, as administrator. Therefore please choose your username at all comprehensible (not like qrrwt3?Xxzy such as, usernames" will be considered spam). Those already also disable if you send thousands of emails to them reactivate, will receive full ban viewing of the website with all the proxies that connect the hidden. Moreover, although nonprofit website will be able to address and dealers or parts and components firms self- moto be required to have Japanese car parts. No question of dealers. for such firms can achieve separate pages, common or individual. Expenses of operation and upgrade of conservation should be covered even in the non profit. With as growing and developing the website to be upgraded resources conservation . currently benefit from the best package from Host Mom website with quick response to click, superior to any internet there asemmănător, resisting without problems acesări even 10,000 per day. Since higher response speed and allows, I did phone interface (for older phones can not open web desktop ) which works very well in all conditions. To change the desktop ethernet on the phone there is primitive and vice versa especially swich placed in the footer, visible only on mobile devices (as desktop phone is meaningless primitive interface) .


  • Three important reasons:

  • One. Their website structure http://japanautomoto.ro with all websites, presentations on facebook etc, not only occupy all positions on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., but CAUTION! Each ad is indexed in Google and distruibuit manual on social networks (facebook, twitter, google+, pinit, etc.) so that customers will find you directly to Google. Such manual indexing service on each ad is no longer anyone there.

  • Two. Though traffic is not huge it records steady and safe, especially consists of audience. On other websites that contain more and different offers (from donkeys and rabbits at honda cars and wonder why continue) most not looking specifically Japanese car or something. Usually online fairs were a lot of people who hang blocks that website (try clicking the orelele traffic) and evicting real customers who have no time to stand 1 hour at each click, to come to see if it happens to get lucky that day your offer.

  • Three. Http://japanautomoto.ro website is so global, in step with globalization Japanese car, and one regional, facilitating trading vehicle or even between close neighbors, including date, there also trade with products, but taking place in a random and chaotic, inefficient that target audience, becoming larger as shown.